Space Invaders invading the DS and PSP

2008 marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most popular and loved games of all time, Space Invaders. To mark the anniversary Square Enix is going to release Space Invaders Extreme for the Nintendo DS and PSP. Although, the game will use the same invader graphics as the original, the similarities all but end there.

While the game will sometimes use familiar formations, there will also be many additional variations that the invaders will dive bomb the player from. Also, there will be new missiles and lasers (both for the invaders and the player), boss invaders, multiple stages, wireless and internet play (DS version only) against one other player. The game will be played at a fast pace with an electronic soundtrack and sound effects, there will also be an animated background, which can be turned off in case you’re feeling nostalgic.

Both the DS and PSP versions will support wireless play with one other person. But, only the DS version will support online play with a high-score table. The DS version will also take advantage of DS Download Play, allowing you to play with someone else using only one cart. PSP will also have something that the DS version won’t which will be an exclusive soundtrack provided by “critically acclaimed musicians and DJ’s including SUGIURUMN, WALL FIVE, DJ Aki, ATOM & MASAKI SAKAMOTO and ALTZ“.

Space Invaders Extreme will be released in the US and Europe this summer (some on the interweb have it coming in June). However, if you can’t wait you could either import it from Japan (its been out since February) or you could download a nice PSP demo.