“TV presenter” reviews violent games


File this under the “lol” department.

U.K. publication, The Daily Mail, asked one Anne Diamond (mother of four) to review a number of violent video games in response to the controversial Byron report. Poor writing and lack of expertise on the subject matter aside, these are some of the funniest reviews I have ever read. A quote from the Halo 3 review: “It is violent, but there’s hardly any blood … and my sons reckon it’s relatively non-threatening.”

This is like my grandmother reviewing the Saw films – “And then there was this machine that twisted the poor man’s limbs off. It was disgusting, I had to shut it off. Your grandfather nearly had a heart attack.”

Highlights include the DOA 4 review (“the girl characters are … half naked, with gravity-defying breasts.”) and the RE4 Wii Edition (“shouldn’t be allowed to be sold, even to adults.”).

This is the part where you smack your forehead.