GoW II Director collaborating on new Mad Max game


Cory Barlog of God of War fame left Sony Computer Entertainment in November to work with the renowned George Miller, producer-director-writer for Babe, Happy Feet and Mad Max, on a game to coincide with the release of a new Mad Max movie. N’Gai Croal details the new plans for their multi-medium collaboration over at Newsweek. It looks like George Miller is serious about bringing storytelling in gaming to the next level as he tries to bring the most immersive experience possible to the viewer/player. Miller is so serious in fact that because the movie had finished preproduction in 2003 (but then was put on hold to a variety of issues), he is waiting to move on with the project until the game reaches a similar point in development.

I’m interested in seeing how this turns out as George Miller has made some fanstatic movies and it certainly seems like a great coalition, but we will really need to see a reversal in the trend of movie related games before I can be less than skeptical about such things. A fan of Cory Barlog or George Miller? What do you think of their next big project?

(And no, stop thinking about it, Mel Gibson will not be starring in the movie or the game, however they will both feature the same main cast)