Second Warhawk expansion priced and dated


If you needed another reason to get Warhawk, besides the sweet price drop, then how about a new expansion pack? PlayStation.Blog has just announced that Operation: Broken Mirror will be released on the PlayStation Network on April 17th with a $7.99 price tag.

The new expansion will feature 10 new maps (with some of them in a winter setting), 2 new Armored Personal Carriers (one for each team), and some tweaks to the original maps so the APCs can be used there as well. With a new v1.3 patch also on the way, I may just have to pickup this new expansion as well as Omega Dawn.

Warhawk has really become the premiere title in the realm of DLC content. New content comes out frequently and at reasonable prices, which is something that most developers miss the boat on when it comes to DLC. I think every other company that is considering offering expanded content via download should have to sit down and study how Warhawk has managed to keep players interested with timely releases, and good bang for your buck. Lets just hope that Sony continues down this path and consistantly pleases the consumer in the way that Warhawk has managed to since it’s launch.