PROTOTYPE losing its multiplayer


Radical Entertainment’s (Crash of the Titans, The Hulk) free roaming adventure game PROTOTYPE has been in the cooker for quite some time now, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean the the developers will get to include everything they want in the final game. During a recent interview executive producer Tim Bennison shared that the online multiplayer portion will be removed from the game, calling it a move that will allow “gamers to really dig into the main elements of PROTOTYPE.” He then goes on to say that while the multiplayer is a great concept, they wouldn’t be able to deliver the same polished experience of the single player portion.

When asked about possibly finding multiplayer in the form of DLC, Bennison had this to say: “Post launch downloadable content is something we’re currently evaluating for PROTOTYPE from many different angles including multiplayer content such as co-op. Obviously we’re hoping that PROTOTYPE does well at retail and supports DLC and a sequel because we have a lot of creative room left to explore.”

The problem with developers these days is they try to overextend their games, and what’s happening a lot of the time is that either the single or multiplayer, or both portions of the game are a subpar offering. The perfect example of this is Dark Sector, instead of adding the multiplayer portion Digital Extremes could have taken those resources and applied them to the single player and made a much more fleshed out and polished experience. There’s a catch though, with games costing $60 a pop, consumers need to know, or at least think, they are getting their money’s worth even if the overall experience would be better without the added feature. Because of this publishers and developers feel almost compelled to add these modes. So I say bravo to Radical Entertainment, and remember if you build a compelling single player, they will come.

PROTOTYPE is currently slated for a fall 2008 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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