Gamers make better surgeons?


In January, some of you may have read about a study where researchers in Arizona had 8 surgeons play the Wii for an hour before they performed virtual surgery utilizing software called ProMIS. And they found out that playing the Wii raised their results by a wopping 48 percent. It was clearly more beneficial to use games such as Marble Mania where precise movements are required.

Unfortunately, we can’t jump the gun and score another one in the books for the videogames industry, the sample size was incredibly small at only 8 surgeons, so we’ll have to wait for more research to be done. It’s been a few months since the research and we don’t have any more official data, but recently Tracy John, a blogger for MTV Multiplayer, had to bring her boyfriend in for surgery and ended up asking the surgeon, Dr. Nilesh Patel, what he thought of the subject.

Dr. Patel’s response was, “They actually have simulated videogames to even simulate surgeries, so they’re actually training people how to do surgeries on a computer model before — so for that reason, too. But definitely it’s going to build hand-eye coordination, especially for something where you’re doing sinus surgery or something like that; you need hand-eye coordination because you’re often working off the video monitor.”

I’m definitely hoping that more research is in the works to substantiate these claims, but as it stands it looks like we all will have one more supportive argument under our belts.

There are definitely other areas where games can benefit besides sinus-surgery. In regards to me, I seem to be generally very aware of small details around me (I point out random little things, like what company made the subway car we are riding in), which I think is from examining everything on the screen all the time. But what about you guys, have you come across any other benefits of videogames that translate well into everyday living?