Countdown to Mortal Kombat answers


We all know there’s going to be a new Mortal Kombat; that was announced all the way back in 2006 already. We also know the game is using Unreal Engine 3. What we don’t have are details, but it seems change is in the air., a website registered to Ed Boon (creative director of the Mortal Kombat team) and Midway Games, is promising answers. There’s a countdown on the site which is just over 17 days as of now, coinciding with Midway’s Gamer’s Day. So it’s safe to say the new title will be revealed at the event. There are also a few pictures of random animals and number sequences on the teaser site which, if you match them with letters of the alphabet, spell “free klose,” whatever that means.

In the past, Boon has promised “…a bunch of brand new characters, a whole new fighting system, a new presentation with the new graphics for the new consoles, as well as a new control scheme to take advantage of some of the new technology available.”

But even with the Mortal Kombat name and all this new tech the developers have at their fingertips these days, is it possible to revive the once crazed popularity of the series, or is this game going to tank immediately with other giants like Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV on the horizon?