Ghost Recon viral campain hinting at what?

During my daily romp around the Internet I happened upon the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 website. While this in itself is not very interesting, what happened next was quite perplexing. After only a few seconds of being on the site what appeared to be smoldering shrapnel from a plane or a tank demolished the video that was playing behind it. Curious as to what this was I clicked it and was immediately taken to the Ghost Recon website, Ubisoft’s other top selling Tom Clancy franchise.

Once again after only a few seconds of the site being open, a piece of smoldering shrapnel appeared over the main page. This time however what I can only describe as a data interface opened displaying a picture of an unidentified coastal region, and after loading offered me an option to accept a “data pull.” Once I accepted the interface expanded and five separate files appeared, some of the files displayed ready, while the rest were “processing”.

The ready files were audio and video of what appeared to be military operations. Both the audio and video was heavily distorted, but from the sounds of it these operations were not going well. The “processing” videos had some audio and video as well but so much was missing that it was difficult to ascertain what was going on. The last thing that caught my attention on the interface was five circles near the top right of the interface, these circles all had timers, two of the timers had reached zero and the rest were still counting down with the highest at 56+ days, and at that point all videos will be fully processed.

What does all this cryptic intel mean? It’s hard to say, it could be another Ghost Recon game, or it could just be yet another expansion for the incredibly successful GRAW 2. One thing we do know is that in 56 days something is going to happen, what do you think that something will be?