Rock Band April Fools download: Still Alive, for free

April fools, one of the only days you can get away with crazy pranks and not get into to much trouble. Unless your girlfriend tells you she is pregnant and you go into a deep depression for the day until she comes clean. Not cool! Gamers are not one to be messed with. We can ruin your world through the power of the internet and make you cry (maybe). I thought for sure Harmonix was joking when they said the epic song “Stay Alive” from the ground breaking portal game was free. Sure enough the rumor is true, and the company will be releasing the song for the cost of zero dollars, or in Microsoft terms, zero points.

It will be a sad day to be a PS3 owner, for the “Playstation Store” is under going maintenance and no new content will be added for a couple of weeks. Don’t fret though, once the store is back up and running, the song will be there safe and sound waiting for you to download it.

Nice of Harmonix to give you a free download, so you can ease the pain on all the nasty things your friends and co workers put you through on this day.