Gears of War movie set for 2010

Movie adaptations of videogames is all the craze in Hollywood these days, and Gears of War is on the list along with Metal Gear Solid, Max Payne, Prince of Persia, and possibly BioShock.

The Internet was flooded with rumors back in October about a possible cancellation of the Gears movie because of budget issues but, since the writers strike is over and most movies are coming out of hiatus, producer Wyck Godfrey has eased our minds by telling that “We’ve got our script on and a director we’re about to attach. We’ll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of 2010.” Perhaps to coincide with the release of Gears of War 3?

Gears’ designer Cliffy B aka Cliff Bleszinski is working pretty close with screenwriter Stuart Beattie to make sure he creates something extraordinary. For those who are new to Beattie’s work, 30 Days of Night, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the upcoming G.I. Joe movie should give you an idea of what the man can do. We all know how great the dialog in Gears of War was (/sarcasm), so Beattie’s resume kinda makes me excited to see the script for the movie.

Seems Hollywood is looking to make a videogame movie for every type of genre and after the current round of movies are done, all we need is one about racing, sports and maybe a romantic comedy. Need for Speed and The Sims anyone?