Call of Duty 4 has 1.3 million online players a day

We all knew that Call of Duty 4 has some extremely fun multiplayer and that it’s been kicking Master Chiefs butt on Xbox LIVE for a good number of weeks now. But now we have some actual numbers to see just how big the gap is. In an interview with Eurogamer, Infinity Ward producer Mark Rubin said that they’re seeing “between 1.2 and 1.3 million users every day consistently for the past two-to-three months, Monday through Sunday.”

As you likely decrypted from the Master Chief comparison, this is only for Xbox 360 version. Rubin says the PS3 numbers are “monstrously huge” as well, though they don’t have exact numbers because the numbering system for Sony’s system is different. Rubin added that “Halo’s website says they get something around 845,000 to a million [per day],” so the fight for the top spot between the two games isn’t really as close as one might have previously thought.

With both games about receive additional multiplayer maps (Legendary map pack for Halo 3, Variety map pack for Call of Duty 4), and with the recently released free Halo 3 multiplayer maps, it will be interesting to see if Master Chief manages to make a (miraculous?) comeback.

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