Sony unveils new PlayStation Store

After almost a year and a half of complaints and negative comparisons to Xbox LIVE, Sony has finally unveiled the revamped PlayStation store. According to Sony the revamp is a result of user feedback received during a consumer survey SCEE did last year. The changes will include a redesign and overhaul of the current navigation and user interface, and will also offer “more scope for categorization”. According to a press release issued by SCEE there will be no updates to the store until the redesign goes live, but hinted at a “special update” once it does:“Weekly content updates will cease for the next two weeks until the redesign goes live, but “users can look forward to a special update in mid-April.”

Sony went on to clarify that PS3 owners will still be able to download content already available in the store, and that this redesign will not affect existing PlayStation Network accounts or the virtual wallet. The stores re-launch is scheduled for mid-April in North America and Europe.

The redesign will be a welcome change for the PS3 owners who’ve had to deal with the cumbersome PS Store for over a year now. But, what could this “special update” be? Could we get a preview of Home, in-game voice chat, or maybe even a trailer for Killzone 2, which has been MIA since E3 last year? What would you like the “special update” to be?