The Legend of Zelda movie

April Fools seems to be a holiday that gamers and gamesites love to celebrate. And why not? We gamers always have high hopes and pipe dreams that are perfect for April Fool’s pranks. Case in point: Who hasn’t dreamed of a Zelda movie? Now we have one.

Or we have an incredibly well done trailer for one thanks to the good folks over at IGN. Of course it is fake (would you want Ganondorf looking like that anyway?), but it is still fun to see. It really looks like they put a ton of effort into this and even wrote up that nice back up story to go along with it. I would have loved to have seen the iconic pulling of the Master Sword from the stone in there somewhere, but alas not all our dreams can come true. The part I like best is the runes changing into text, it makes it look very ‘realistic’ and true to the games. Of course seeing some the most classic Zelda bosses brought to life is also great. Bravo IGN, this is by far one of the best gaming April Fool’s gags ever, even if it was so blatantly obvious that it was a fake.