A short story… Oh, and the Call of Duty 4 Map Pack has been delayed


A funny thing happened to me back on March 20th 2008. My Xbox 360 died. Yeah I know, “big suprise, lolzzzz” but in all honesty it was a mighty sad day for me. Any time a 360 dies it is indeed a sad event, and this was the first time my box has ever croaked on me so it was a totally new experience. As if this weren’t enough to throw me into a fit of depression, there was one more grain of salt in the wound. You see, I had been playing Call of Duty 4 pretty much non-stop since I purchased it back in early January and I was now completely cut off from my addiction. This wasn’t like a normal addiction like smoking where I could go on ‘the patch’, I had to quit cold turkey. Not an easy feat considering I had just written up the post about the new map pack that was ready to drop on April 3rd. So I make the call, get my console coffin and resign myself to the fact that I’ll be getting pwned on all the new maps whenever Microsoft deems me worthy to have an Xbox again.

Now, however, I feel as though the gaming gods have smiled on me in quite a unique way. You see, I would normally be completely distraught with the prospect of a delay to my most anticipated piece of DLC yet this year, but now I am strangely giddy. The lords of Infinity Ward have updated their CoD4 GOTY webpage to show a new release date of April 10th for the 4-map pack. No official announcement has been made regarding the change, but we’ll take the site’s word for it and expect the pack to drop a week late. This change has made me a very happy gamer, and I am now even more excited for the return of my 360. Seeing as it’s the first of April today, and jokes are flowing forth from all corners of the industry, I have to take this with a small grain of salt. Though, this would be the lamest April Fool’s joke in quite a while, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Either way I’ll see you all online, so prepare to get pwned.