Favorite pranks from April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is a day relished by those who love to prank others. Unfortunately for gamers around the world this also includes those who make the games we love so much. Some are pretty easy to figure out right away, others are more clever and will trick our wishful minds into believing whatever it is they put before us. Since some of todays pranks have already been covered by the other writers here, I’ve decided to just pick three of my favorite pranks from the videogame world today.

Blizzard lets Diablo, StarCraft and WoW in on the gag

Blizzard is known for taking advantage of April Fool’s. But, this year it seems as if they may have tried a little harder. First off, did you know about the new bard class that would be coming in the WoW expansion Lich King? Or what about the big announcement that WoW would be coming to consoles in the form of the very old school Molten Core. WoW not your thing? Then you may be more interested in the new Tauren Marines coming to StarCraft II. Then again, maybe your the type who pines for news of the Diablo kind. Well, Blizzard has you covered there in the form of Diablo II: Loot Pinata.

Microsoft brings many new things this Spring

This morning when I checked my email I was greeted by an email from Microsoft titled, “Get an exclusive Xbox 360 sneak-peek”. When I opened it I found a newsletter holding “exclusive” information for current Xbox 360 owners only, and there was something for everyone. You had the wireless helmet, Xbox LIVE: The Board Game, Xbox 360: Vintage Edition and Recon Edition. Then when you clicked on for more information you were greeted by a screen proclaiming that it was all just a prank. You were also given directions on how to get your hands on some limited edition April Fool’s gamer pics.

GameSpot’s special homepage

This final prank was not created by any game developers or companies but by a simple videogame website. When you visited GameSpot.com you were greeted by a special homepage. With headlines like: Rock Band PSP, Pope’s Gamertag Uncovered, and Disney Snags Bumfight License there were chuckles to be had by anyone. There was even a poll on the page asking if you were fooled by the page or not. But, when you tried to click on any thing on the page you were redirected to their regular homepage.

There you go, my three favorite pranks from the videogame world for this years April Fool’s Day. I would say that from what I’ve seen this was one of the best April Fool’s that I’ve ever experienced as a gamer. I think I should start planning my own prank for next year? Anyone got any ideas?