The Witcher goes online, but not how you think

As little as two years ago you would not have seen me playing a web based game. Why would I want to play Pac-Man or something similar when I have God of War on my PlayStation? That would be like owning a Ferrari and then driving around in your mums Datsun. But since then, web based games have been improving at an exponential rate (some good times with web-based multiplayer online games are to be had over at btw). And the latest release from Polish distributor CD Projekt RED is about to push the envelope even further.

In conjunction with developer one2tribe they have announced a sequel to their 2007 RPG The Witcher called The Witcher: DuelMail. Not a full blown sequel that fans have been waiting for (the first game has only been out 5 months, give ’em a chance!) but instead a two player, turn based whack-em-up that runs in your web browser.

What sets this apart from all the other web based games is the commitment to quality. This game features some of the best graphics you will see in a web game with full motion captured animation, spectacular visual effects, “full sound implementation”, and two player online action. All this and it is still free to play!

As mentioned before, the action is turned based. Player one queues up a sequence of moves, attacks, spells and parries, and then player two creates a sequence of their own to counter what has been sent. The last one standing is the winner and they gain experience points which allows them to develop their character and unlock new moves and items.

With regular updates, league tables and rewards it is hoped that this will keep the fans happy until the full sequel comes out. The start of open beta is planned for April 7th with a full release scheduled on May 9th.