Ubisoft gets Steamy


It’s been known for a while that Ubisoft’s stealth hit Assassin’s Creed would be roof-jumping its way onto the PC in the near future, but nobody could have foreseen that the Creed announcement was just the tip of the iceberg. Valve and Ubisoft announced today that over 40 of Ubisoft’s top titles would be making their way onto the Steam download service shortly. With titles from Ubi’s top franchises like the Far Cry, the Heroes of Might & Magic series, and Tom Clancy on the slate, it’s safe to say this will be a very lucrative venture on behalf of both companies.

Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve notes, “Ubisoft will be delivering the largest library of titles available from any single publisher or developer to Steam,” he continues, “The incredible selection of high quality games from Ubisoft expands the range of genres offered to the millions of PC gamers logging on to Steam every day.”

He makes a good point, and it will definitely be interesting to see what kind of sales numbers arise from this monumental merger of software and distribution. PC gaming has been seeing more and more attention from console developers these days, and Valve’s distribution model seems to be a major driving force behind this push. So really, if you think PC gaming is on it’s way out… you’ve got another thing coming.

And while we’re talking about Ubisoft’s offerings, check out some new Far Cry 2 screenshots that we’ve just added to the gallery.