Xbox 360 about to go double platinum in the UK

Microsoft’s system sales have been in a little bit of a lull lately. After finishing up the consecutive months following the holiday season in last place among the current-gen consoles, things weren’t looking too good for the 360. The MS big cheese was calling foul and blaming the sub-par sales numbers on a supply problem and assured us that their baby was going to be just fine.

It looks like they might have been right, that is if Chart-Track has anything to say about it. They’ve been tracking the numbers of the 360’s and it would appear that the systems is looking to crack 2 million systems sold by the end of next week. Seems sales have picked over Easter weekend up in one of Europe’s major markets due to a recent price cut by the House of Gates, with sales picking up over Easter weekend. To put this into perspective, the PS3 to date has sold near 1 million systems in the UK, while Wii is already closing in on 2.5 million.