On Demand: Comcast tech fired for getting revenge on hackers

It’s been virtually established that gamers are a bit off kilter, but some people really know how to take it to a whole new level; Comcast support agent Mark Ribeiro was getting a little tired of having his 360 overloaded with data (aka packet flooding), so he does what any sane tier 2.5 support agent would do in the situation – he finds out if any of the parties responsible are Comcast customers and contacts them.

In this case the person that was terrorizing Ribeiro’s 360 was a minor, so he contacts his father and lets him know that his son has been involved in illegal activities and that their internet connection would be shut down for a week. And here’s where it goes from interesting to downright hilarious.

Not satisfied with already disrupting company policy, Ribeiro then decides to go on the halo3forums and brag about his deeds, saying; “I heard the father began to yell at his son, i then heard a loud smack, and then sobbing, and then cracking noise as if something was breaking..it then occured to me that the father had just beat the sh.t out of his kid, and the cracking noise was the sound of a hammer on an xbox.”

Wow, you’d think that someone who was a self proclaimed “Comcast tier 2.5 support agent, which essentially means im one of the top 1% elitest agents,” would actually have more common sense than to clearly abuse company policy and then go on an internet message board to brag about it? Or maybe it’s just me?