DS going Ape

If you’re fashion conscious and have more money that sense you may be interested to know that Nintendo and fashion label Bathing Ape (aka Bape) have schemed together to create the “Baby Milo”, a limited edition DS Lite featuring an exclusive Bape design.

The con of the century is retailing at ¥16800 (about $167) but good luck getting one for that price. Bape reseller Boboshop is selling the little gems for ¥44940, that’s $447 if your last name happens to be Gates. Ironically the design (which also comes in reassuringly expensive gold) resembles that of designer Louis Vuitton, famous for his overpriced bags and accessories.

This isn’t the first time the DS has received the attention of a prominent designer. Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design and honeyee.com collaborated with Nintendo earlier in the year to release their own black-matte DS.

Typical of Bape, the handhelds are in very short supply and currently confined to the label’s Japan stores. It’s unknown yet whether they’re going to appear in London, New York or any other locations. One thing is certain, these little guys are going to disappear faster than they appeared. I’ve just checked eBay and they’re already beginning to pop up at $599 a piece.