The Force Unleashed to be unleashed this September

Today may be a very historic day for gaming. It’s the day that journalists worldwide struggled their hardest to get a good pun out of the news that The Force Unleashed will be released around September 16. Just this morning I’ve seen about fifteen variations on “May The Force Unleashed be with you this September” and “The Force to be Unleashed this September,”. I’m just glad the game isn’t coming out on May the 4th.

After over a year of teasers, tech demo’s, concept art and delays we finaly have a date for The Force Unleashed. All credit to Lucas Arts, who are pushing for a worldwide release. The American version of the game will be coming to a store near you on September 16, with the Australian and Asian release on the 17th and the European bringing up the rear on the 19th.

The Force Unleashed is the next in an endless armada of Star Wars titles from Lucas Arts. What makes The Force Unleased of particular note is the intimate relationship that formed between the developers and the guys over at Lucas Film. So much so that The Force Unleashed will actualy be considered Star Wars canon, filling in the void between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope.

During April, and only in the US mind, Spike TV will be promoting the game by playing the full Star Wars saga, interspersed with trailers, gameplay and other promotional material for the game.

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