Future Sony price cuts to be influenced by USD

We won’t beat around the bush here (pun intended), the value of the US dollar pretty much sucks right now. Sony, realizing this while planning to push their economic plans forward, is looking for ways to counter it in their export scheme. In light of the yen picking up steam, this could have some effect on their ability to reduce the price of the PS3 in the future for the US.

Sony Presidendt Ryoji Chubachi told MSN Money: “We will lower our production costs as possible as we can and we will choose production sites to cope with the industry’s weakness, and in the short term, we will try to accept more orders.”

So just how dire is the financial situation for Sony? Well the yen has dropped to an exchange rate of 102.5 in ratio to the USD, and for every Japanese Yen (JPY) gain versus the dollar, Sony loses 6 billion (USD 58.3 million/EUR 37.5 million), which equates to a Sony loss of around JPY 51 billion (USD 496 million/EUR 318 million).

But Ryoji thinks they can figure a way to make things work: “As to the situation of the US dollar’s weakness in the medium to long term, we already have a strategy to deal with it.” A strategy? You mean besides being one of top two money makers in the gaming world? I think Sony will be just fine…