Sam & Max coming to Wii, dreams do come true

You can’t see me right now but I’m doing a dance of joy much like Balki Bartokomous would do in times of immense happiness. Why? Because it has been announced that Sam & Max Season One will be heading to a Wii near you thanks to a partnership between the game’s creators Telltale and JoWooD/DreamCatcher. You see, I’m a massive Sam & Max fan, as everyone should be, but I have yet to play the new games because I am not a massive fan of gaming on my p.o.s. computer. I have thusly ignored the games, despite my great want to play them. Now that it is being thrust onto a console I have no excuse not to get it.

Not just any console either. The Wii! The new home of pointing and clicking while adventuring. It’s a match made in heaven, as multiple Internet petitions to bring the game to Nintendo’s shiny white platform will inform you. It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any new add-ons for the game, just the original six chapters that were in the episodically released season one and the ability to point and click with the Wiimote. Maybe they just haven’t announced anything yet. Who knows, we could actually get some episodic content via WiiWare…hahhahaha. I crack myself up. Who cares though, this means more people get to experience the greatness that is a talking dog in a suit and a maniac rabbit-thing solving crime. All of our adventure gaming dreams will come true in the Fall of 2008 when the game is scheduled for release.

Also, ten points in life if you get the Balki reference.