Updated / Xbox LIVE disappointment, again

Today was the much awaited release of the Call of Duty 4 “Variety” Map Pack. I’ve waited all day long, to finally come home this evening and sit down, log into Xbox LIVE – and be denied my new CoD4 maps.

Not due to a delay; not due to lack of funds; but due to lack of server capability. If you’re trying to buy and download the map pack, odds are you’ll be cursed with the 8015000a error message from XBL. According to the all-knowing oracle that the Xbox gaming forums popular hivemind is, this means the servers are overloaded. Now how could that be?

Are you telling me, Microsoft, that after the Christmas self-smash of “not being ready for this many people”, and after millions of people have paid you $500, plus $50 yearly, you still don’t have the hardware to push the service you’re charging for? Seriously?

I’m so very disappointed, yet again, with Xbox LIVE’s service – not only does the apparent increased server load prevent me from downloading my new beloved CoD4 maps, but it practically kills gameplay everywhere else. I spent almost two hours trying to find and stay in a multiplayer game of CoD4. So now not only can I not play on my expected new, shiny maps, but I can’t play multiplayer at all? Not cool, Microsoft. At this pace, you’re in danger of really minimizing your Arcade revenue.

Update: The good news is that the appropriate people are aware of the issues and are working on them. The following message has been posted on both Xbox.com and the Activision site that allows owners of the GotY Edition of CoD4 to redeem the map pack token that came with the game: “Xbox LIVE users may experience issues with purchasing marketplace items, receiving title updates, and account management. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

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