Konami reveals new Castlevania… sort of

Konami and Castlevania go together like pie and crust, so it should be no surprise that there appears to be a new title in one of videogaming’s longest running series. The game was revealed through a trademark of the name Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, but other than that, not a single thing is known about the game itself. No characters, storyline, gameplay, system, or release date has been given. Nada. All we get is a name. I wonder what they used to come up with that title…

Franchise producer Koji Igarashi had previously hinted in an interview at E For All that a new Castlevania game was in the works and this could possibly be it. Though, so far outside of the title, mums been the word from Konami.

If you asked me to make a couple educated guesses, I’d say that game would be coming out for the DS, the title character is a descendant of the Belmont family, you’ll get help from another character that’s caught in the fray, and the storyline involves Dracula about to bring forth hell on earth some how. It seems that formula is never far away from any new Castlevania title.