Namco Bandai bulking up the Wii RPG library

One thing that Wii could use more of these days are RPGs. Sure, there’s Super Paper Mario, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and the recently released Opoona. But beyond that, I’m sure many agree, it’s slim pickins’. Though it seems Namco Bandai is looking to remedy the situation with Fragile: Ruins of the Farewell Moon.

Fragile: Ruins of the Farewell Moon revolves around the character Seto, a young lad who’s exploring the lonely post-apocalyptic ruins of a future world bathed in moonlight, where most of the Earth’s population has vanished into a mysterious evil fog, and the world has “lost its light.” It is the players job to traverse this world looking for survivors and find a girl named Heroine.

Producer Kentaro Kawashima has gone on the record to say the mood of the game is a human drama story, with a mixture of light novels and tense horror.

Gameplay will be rendered in the 3rd person, with motion controls coming into play at different points of the game. For example, you’ll be able to use the Wii Remote to direct Seto’s flashlight which will come handy as you can use it to solve puzzles, uncover enemies, and clear foggy areas. Enemies, which are simply described as “gruesome things,” are few and far in between and can be handled with metal or wooden tools which are also used as weapons throughout the game.

As development of the game continues, Namco Bandai is offering gamers a way to get into the game through a contest, allowing participants to submit stories and artwork with the top 2 selections making their way into the game.

Fragile: Ruins of the Farewell Moon is being developed by tri-Crescendo (think Baiten Kaitos, Baiten Kaitos Origins and Eternal Sonata), is a Wii exclusive, and is set to arrive in Japan later this year. There’s no release date for other regions.