MLB 2K8 patch still not up to bat

Let me start this off by saying that I am a big baseball fan and that I have been buying baseball games since the days of gaming on my PSX. And in all that time I have never seen a baseball game with a more tabloid worthy story then MLB 2K8. Don’t really have any idea what I’m talking about? Let me take you on a little trip, I promise I’ll keep it short.

Last month 2K Sports, part of Take-Two, released MLB 2K8. Because Take-Two has exclusive third-party rights to make MLB games, every baseball gamer who has an Xbox 360 and some PS3 gamers (most will go for MLB 08: The Show) flocked to get this game, me being one of them. Yes, I did read the reviews and saw the comments about some bugs and glitches, but from what I read the good outweighed the bad. Besides, 2K Sports had said they would be releasing a patch to fix the issues. Being someone who has played PC games for many years now and downloading many patches I said to myself, “Thats ok, been there dealt with that.”

After a few weeks and no news of a patch, and discovering for myself just how many bugs the game had (check a review that I wrote), I decided I would take a look at 2K’s website to see what I could find. This led me to the MLB 2K8 forums where I found many people talking about problems they were having with the game. I then found a post from a moderator stating: “Patch 1.1 is down but should be available shortly upon notification from Microsoft for Xbox Live and Sony for the Playstation 3. Microsoft has contacted 2K Sports to inform us that Xbox Live is experiencing problems, but they will have the patch up as soon as they deal with those issues.”

I, like many others, was sympathetic, after all I had noticed Xbox LIVE being a little weird that day. A few more days went by and still there was nothing. So, I went back to the forum on Friday and found this from the same moderator: “According to my call at Microsoft, the Patch should go live on XBOX 360 tonight. We are currently in the process of checking with Sony about there patch release, and I would say to check tonight about that but that’s looking more like a tomorrow release. Thank you for your patience and I am glad to provide this to you as I was hopeful of doing so.”

It’s been two days since that post and still there hasn’t been a patch. Since then, the new CoD4 maps have been released on Xbox LIVE and 2K Sports themselves have released packs of gamer pics for their special event that was this weekend. Which I will add, has not been attended by many due to the broken online play.

So, for now many Xbox 360 MLB 2K8 gamers will continue to play and try to ignore the myriad amounts of bugs and glitches that plague this otherwise solid baseball game. As for PS3 gamers, the word is that 2K Sports hasn’t even been working on a patch for that console and Wii gamers are in even worse shape. All that’s left to do now is end this rant, keep my fingers crossed, and wait and see what next week brings.