Nintendo Media Summit coming April 10

Well here’s one that came up out of nowhere, Nintendo’s announcement for their Media Summit. The event is taking place on April 10, which is a bit earlier than last year’s event which was held in the Fall. This is pretty much right in line with Nintendo’s style – dropping a press date and then not saying much else is nothing new when talking about the big N.

So far all that has been said officially is that Telltale will be announcing their WiiWare title, but that’s about it. If one thing is for sure you can count on a slew of titles being shown and announced so it should be interesting. I’m personally keeping my fingers crossed at an official announcement on Factor 5’s new imagining of an old Nintendo franchise (just come out and say it’s Kid Icarus already), and holding out hope for some more news on Sadness, as well as some other unexpected surprises. Hopefully we won’t be hearing about any delays, since that’s also right up Nintendo’s alley…