Sins of the Solar Empire getting an expansion… eventually

Sins of the Solar Empire is one of those rare games that owes all of its success, solely, to the quality of the game itself. While no one will argue the quality of games like Bioshock, Warhawk or Mass Effect, some of the successes those games have seen come from their expansive marketing campaigns. To date Sins of the Solar Empire has sold over 200,000 copies at retail and through digital distribution almost entirely based on word of mouth.

While a steady stream of updates have continued to add features, balance, and tweak the gameplay, the question every fan wants answered is, when will we get the expansion? IGN was able to sit down with Stardocks’ CEO Brad Wardell to talk about that very subject. The long and short of it, not anytime soon, but the folks over at Stardock have definitely been thinking about what features they would like to include in an expansion. The first would be to add a campaign; which is one of the most requested features by fans of the game, They also want to expand upon the back stories of the TEC, Vasari, and Advent, the three warring factions of the Sins universe.

Other features Stardock would like in the expansion include the ability to build star bases which Wardell explains would be super expensive defense structures capable of protecting your planets from pirate raiders, thus allowing your fleets to continue growing your empire uninterrupted, also expanding upon the already 100 technologies found in the various tech trees as a way to extend the game.

While the expansion is a ways off, you can bet the updates Stardock has planned will help keep the game fresh, or at the very least relevant until they do release an expansion.