StarCraft’s 10 year anniversary, photo contest


You may have heard that March 31st was StarCraft’s 10 year anniversary and that to date Blizzard has sold a whopping 9.5 million copies of the game worldwide. According to Wikipedia, that makes StarCraft the best-selling real-time strategy game and the 5th best-selling PC game of all time. That makes me wonder, are there any of you reading this who haven’t played StarCraft? In any case, commemorating the 10 year anniversary, Blizzard is hosting a “I <3 SC” photo mosaic project. To quote Blizzard, it will be “a compilation of photos featuring StarCraft enthusiasts from all around the world”. Besides your photo possibly being displayed on Blizzard’s website via the mosaic, the top 50 photos will win “I <3 SC” T-shirts. The photo doesn’t have to be an actual photo; people can do fan art, CGI or what have you, as long as the “I <3 SC” message is visible.

The contest ends at 12:00 PM (PDT) on April 28th, so if you’re interested in participating you should head on over to the contests webpage.