HAZE officially exclusive to PS3

HAZE game art image

Through the fog of confusion and speculation the “hammer of certainty” has been swung and slammed down to crush all those HAZE non-exclusivity rumors. The game is coming to the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 3 alone this May.

Nowadays, exclusive titles don’t seem to stay exclusive for all that long. Rumors are swatted down, but eventually rise again. Regardless of the end result, these cycles of “exclusivity” rumors leave eager gamers feeling like a ping-pong ball, their hopes either fulfilled or entirely crushed.

HAZE, the much anticipated first-person shooter developed by Free Radical has been at the center of one such rumor mill. The game was originally announced as a multi-platform title, then became a PS3 exclusive, and since then the title has been tossed back and forth between the two according to whichever rumor you subscribe to.

However, according to a recent Ripten interview with Free Radical’s scriptwriter Rob Yescombe, HAZE is definitively a title exclusive to PlayStation 3, and he seems tired of people questioning otherwise.

“Why does everybody keep asking that? It’s a Playstation 3 exclusive. Buy a Playstation 3 and play it. I want it to be the reason people buy a Playstation 3.”

According to Yescombe, the decision to make HAZE a PS3 exclusive didn’t come from Free Radical but from Ubisoft, the game’s publisher. And since Ubi never officially said otherwise, only time will truly tell whether HAZE will remain an exclusive title for the PS3. Depending on how well the game sells, Ubisoft may eventually change their mind. But for now, PS3 owners can be happy that they will get another unique and hopefully quality title to add to their collection of games. The only problem now is whether HAZE will manage to live up to all the hype.

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