Kane & Lynch getting free DLC

Eidos has announced that they’ll be breathing some new life into Kane & Lynch: Dead Men later this month by releasing new maps for the game’s Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode. The map pack, called The Dope Bag, will include four new maps (screens in the gallery): Clean Cut, Hooker’s Trail, Flying High, and Hasta La Vista, each featuring their own unique scenarios ranging from raiding a mansion in a Venezuelan jungle to ambushing a military convoy in the streets of Havana.

Kim Krogh, Lead Game Designer at IO Interactive: “With Fragile Alliance we set out to offer gamers a new experience in co-op multiplayer, giving players the choice to work as a team or backstab their teammates and work for themselves at any moment. The response to Fragile Alliance has been fantastic and these new maps will serve to grow the Fragile Alliance online community even further.”

The Dope Bag map pack will be available as a free download on both Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Store later this month, on April 17.

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