Orlando Bloom grabs the lead in Prince of Persia movie

Fans of Prince of Persia that are losing sleep over who will play the lead in the movie can finally ease their spirits. It’s been announced that Orlando Bloom will be doing the duties in Jerry Bruckheimer’s upcoming adapatation of Ubisoft’s stellar Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

And it looks like Bruckheimer is breaking the bank on this one, paying Bloom a reported $40 million for the lead role. Add to that whatever the lead female (please anyone but Angelina Jolie), supporting cast, not to mention the CGI studios will get, I could seriously see the budget of this one being in the $250-300 million range. Hopefully all that money will translate into an entertaining and enjoyable movie, though history isn’t exactly on the side of that speculation, is it?

At least they went with a guy who isn’t shy to acting in CGI heavy (Lord of The Rings) or ancient warfare (Kingdom of Heaven) movies.

Speaking of movies made out of games, if you’d like to make sure that Uwe Boll quits his game-license movie-making disasters, you can go ahead and sign the petition to get him to stop. Boll himself has said that if the petition reaches 1 million sigs that he’ll stop making movies for good. It’s approaching 100,000 sigs as we speak and it’s just getting started! Show your support, and make the world a better place…