Trauma Center 2 begins operating in the US a month before Japan

Anyone who has played the original Trauma Center game on DS knows just how addicting it can be to perform life-saving operations on people that don’t actually exist. Well you better sharpen those scalpels because it seems that Atlus is bringing its franchise sequel stateside a full month before its release in the land of its origin.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 will land on US soil on July 1st, and in Japan in August. The game will directly follow the events of the first game, with Derek Stiles as the doctor of choice to save each and every patient that walks through the doors. It will feature all the frantic puzzle-solving that the series has become known for as well as the surprises which pop up ever so often. The setting is a bit different this time though, as Dr. Stiles will be traveling to a remote refugee camp to battle the ever-escalating human losses caused by the aftermath of a military conflict.

Regardless of the settings, you can be sure that the gameplay will be every bit as addictive as the first game. The official website also notes that an improved user interface will be utilized. Improved? I thought the first one was pretty damn smooth on its own, but hey, if they found a way to make it better then more power to them. I’ll definitely be looking forward to getting my slice on this July, how about you?