Unreal Engine 3 to power five more EA titles

Epic and EA announced an extension of their current license agreement today, allowing EA to incorporate Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 in five more titles that are currently in development. The original license was signed in 2006 and was used in the development of Medal of Honor: Airborne and Army of Two.

“It’s critical for us to give our studio teams the best tools they need to make great games,” said Frank Gibeau, President, at EA. “This agreement reflects our commitment to Epic’s technology.”

Epic’s Unreal Engine is a prominent creative tool for developers responsible for such blockbusting, award winning titles as Mass Effect and BioShock. Just last week, Epic also announced it was opening up the engine to amateur developers for the second iteration of the “Make Something Unreal” competition.

“Epic is committed to providing EA with the premier development infrastructure, tools and technology for its upcoming games,” said Mark Rein, vice president, Epic Games. “We’re extremely excited that EA has chosen to expand their use of Unreal Engine 3 and we can’t wait to see more of the great games they will produce with it.”

For the time being EA is not revealing which games are going to benefit from this new agreement. So we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of the pipeline.