Get No More Heroes on your cell phone, kind of…

Soon you’ll be able to carry Travis Touchdown, Thunder Ryu and the city of Santa Destroy around with you for the better part of your days. Rising Star Games, by way of a partnership with Vodafone key partner FoneStarz, is bringing the quirky cast of No More Heroes to cell phones. Fans will be able to download ringtones, message tones and animations in the areas that Vodafone services.

Dave Moreau, CEO of FoneStarz, believes that the deal will help business as well as push the game saying: “We’re looking to do more deals around games-related video and imagery. It’s content that is very popular with our customers and as well as driving sales, helps promote the games brand.”

No word yet on when a No More Heroes mobile game is set to hit the digital universe, but one can only imagine that it’s coming, especially if this turns out to be a standing success.