Harness the forces of nature in Elements of Destruction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to unleash the forces of nature on a group of baddies at the push of a button? If so, then Elements of Destruction is probably right up your alley.

Elements of Destruction is a future Xbox LIVE Arcade release that is described as being “an engaging, frantic game where players use the spectacularly destructive powers of nature to raze and blaze as they desire.” The game is being developed by Frozen Codebase, a game studio containing some of the minds responsible for Quake IV, Homeworld, and Anarchy Online.

Elements of Destruction will be running on leading middleware solution application the Vicious Engine, a program that has allowed Frozen Codebase to develop the title for XBLA faster than they had expected. Ben Geisler, programmer and co-producer for Frozen Codebase says: “Using the same middleware for an Xbox LIVE Arcade title as one might use for a full retail release helped our team adapt to the process quickly and easily.”

The game engine has been used in a variety of games ranging from adventure/platfomer games like Dead Head Fred, puzzle games like Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, and even educational games like Discover Babylon.

No word yet on when Elements of Destruction will be hitting XBLA, but keep it locked here for future updates.