Kane & Lynch ad banned in UK

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned a number of adverts for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men in the UK after receiving 26 complaints. The adverts appeared in a number of publications including the Official Xbox 360 and Edge magazines.

The complaints centred on the treatment of the woman in the picture, claiming that it condoned the violence depicted and was distressing and unsuitable for children.

Eidos responded by withdrawing the ad from circulation. However, they did say that the image referred to an important part of the games plot, which is why it formed the basis of the campaign. They did not comment on the ads suitability for children though they did say it was confined to adult male lifestyle and specialist publications.

As a result, the ASA has held that the ad should be removed from print immediately and that Eidos should seek advice from the CAP Copy Advice team in future before publishing ads.