Pixel Couch: An 8-bit eyesore?

As videogames creep out of messy bedrooms and seedy basements into the mainstream it seems designers are taking influence and inspiration from what is essentially the visual atom. Introducing the pixel couch, created by Christian Zuzunaga, an alumni of the Royal College of Art. A strong and quirky design that sees the pixel taken away from its tradition medium and put onto something a little more static.

Moroso, an Italian design merchant, will sell this piece of living room decor sometime in the near future. There has not been a price set as of yet, but hopefully it will be affordable enough for all of those who remember the old days of the 8-bit systems and want their furniture to match their lifestyle.

The couch is interesting to look at, but would any of you loyal readers actually put this in your home to show off? I would if it was under $300 and I could get a matching chair to keep the color coordination going. Though, being a piece of designer furniture, that may be wishful thinking. If this catches on, there is always that possibility of more designs like this coming out in the future.