Want to help design a zombie PC game?

That’s what the creators of the Dead Wake zombie game have been offering for a few months now. The game just had its Beta 3 version released to the public and all gamers are welcome to participate, as well as give the developers feedback on their forums. This is one of those rare games that has been developed with the cooperation of fans, which is certainly a rarity in the videogame industry, since most publishers would not dream of taking on the financial risk that such a massive undertaking encompasses. Many games that follow this type of development have a hard time getting their feet off the ground, so whether this strategy will work for developer Polycount Productions remains to be seen.

The game is a first-person survival horror game, competing with several other upcoming zombie titles in production such as Left 4 Dead and Dead Island, which will be tough competition to say the least.

For anyone who has ever wanted to be part of a game’s development or for those who simply love any and all things relating to brain-famished zombies, this is definitely something worth checking out. Latest word has Polycount aiming for a June 2008 final release date.