Battlefield: Bad Company’s once exclusive guns now free…at a price

The internet is a powerful tool that allows our voices to be heard like never before, and today those voices were heard. After the outrage over the micro transactions found in the Battlefield: Bad Company beta swept through the videogame community, EA and Dice have bowed under the pressure and have announced they will no longer be charging for the use of the exclusive weaponry. The announcement came today during an interview with Senior Producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson: “No, there’s no charge for any of the guns in the game. All of the guns in the game can be achieved without purchasing them.”

While the guns are now free, gaining access to them will require more than just unlocking them. Those who purchase the gold edition of Bad Company will have access to them from the moment the disc is inserted. For those who do not wish to purchase the gold edition, the guns will only become available once you reach the highest rank in the game. Finally, before gaining access to the guns in either version of the game you must participate in some form of marketing program, while what this program entails was not elaborated upon, Troedsson did say that there are five programs in total and “completing” one may be as simple as signing up for a newsletter.

This whole situation is fascinating and makes me wonder if EA and Dice didn’t deliberately put the exclusive guns in the beta to test the water, and after finding out that the water was much too hot for their liking reverted to plan B. What is disconcerting is that they are using unlockable in-game items as an incentive for people to give up their personal information.

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