CoD4 “Variety Map Pack” – a second opinion

The new CoD4 Maps are out – and well abused at this point – but many people are feeling that they got less than their money’s worth. Only three of the four maps are currently in public rotation with the smallest map, Killhouse, rarely being seen outside of a private match here and there. The other three are (IMO) playable, but far from replacements for any of the standard maps. Here’s a quick rundown of my opinions of the three (check out Se’s look at the maps here).

Creek; aka “Sniperland McSnipersville”
This map has is basically a valley with a ridge on each side next to the team start spawns, where you’re practically guaranteed to find half of each team in a gillie suit. Fortunately, most people don’t actually understand how to successfully snipe, and therefore the map allows for plenty of knife-in-the-back type revenge killing.

Best game mode : Sabotage
The movement of the objective lends itself to the larger size of the map.

Worst game mode : Search and Destroy
Far from being a balanced map, the ‘defending’ team has all of the advantages.

Broadcast; aka “Cubicle Death Room”
Spacious, fairly balanced, lots of camping spots… almost too many. Expect to run around corners and get shot in the face, time and time again. The office hallways do provide some good cover for firefights, as well as alternate routes for flanking.

Best game mode : Headquarters
Maps with lots of camping spots are made for headquarters, as you can generally get ‘dug in’ to easily defend almost any spot at which the HQ spawns.

Worst game mode : Headquarters
Unfortunately, once ‘dug in’, it’s fairly hard to extricate enemies – particularly ones with automatic weapons, claymores, and grenades.

China Town; aka “Another Dead End?”
This map does have its warm fuzzy spots, featuring a few strategically annoying mounted machine guns, circular grated gaps in brick walls ideal for shooting from cover (and bouncing your own grenades back into your face), and screaming neon decor.

Best game mode : Search and Destroy
A rather large building smack in the middle of the map allows coverage for both A and B objectives, making it ideal for the defenders. Of course, if the attackers can take and hold said building, they’ll practically cement the win.

Worst game mode : Deathmatch
Multiple buildings, their associated firing lanes, and long, straight views from the mounted machines guns, make this quite a frustrating deathmatch round – unless you’re the one getting the frags.

All in all, I’m enjoying the new maps, but none are going to replace my beloved Vacant, or my ‘love to hate’ Shipment. Considering they’ve sweetened the deal with double experience points for the weekend, I’d say they’re worth the $10… as much as I hate paying for DLC. >.<

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