Viewers claim Postal movie ‘funniest film of the year’

Who’d of thunk it? Uwe Boll may have a cult hit on his hands with his upcoming Postal, a rendition of the off-kilter videogame, if we’re to go by recent screenings held New York and Chicago.

Representatives from the blog site Time Square Gossip were on hand to see the movie and have declared it “a must see movie if you want to have some old time laughs,” adding “Postal will take you back to all the laughs you had as a teen. I haven’t seen a movie this funny since then, with the audience yelling and falling on the floor laughing.”

And the accolades for the films seeming comedic brilliance didn’t stop there with Michael J. Hein, Director of The New York City City Horror Film Festival, stating “Postal is the funniest film of the year…hands down!”

Uh-oh, you better hurry up and get that petition up to a million if you want to see Uwe hang it up. Because if this turns out to be in any way, shape, or form a type of success for the man, you can bet your life that he will continue to make horribly bad movies for the best part of the century. I mean Dungeon Seige!?

And no I didn’t pay to see or rent that movie, I did what any sensible person should’ve done. I downloaded it… For the sake of responsible journalism, just so you know.