100 best selling developers in the UK

Develop 100

Develop, a European gaming news magazine catering to game developers, has once again lined up and detailed the top 100 developers in the world based on UK revenue.

To no one’s surprise, the cash cow known as Nintendo has taken the number one spot with £129.83 million, dethroning the previous king of the hill Electronic Arts. Nintendo’s revenue is almost twice as much as EA Canada’s, who holds the number 2 position on the list with £68.78 million. Third place goes to Ubisoft Montreal with £52.17 million in revenue.

Looking beyond the top 3, things are pretty interesting. For example, Vicarious Visions, an Upstate New York based Activision developer, comes in at number 18 which is notably better than some big names like Microsoft (28) and Square Enix (34). You may want to spend the 30 seconds and have a glance at whose games the crazy brits have been buying.