Baroque announced for Europe

It’s been a good few days as far as the Wii and RPGs are concerned. First, Namco Bandai announced it was bringing Fragile: Ruins of the Farewell Moon to the console later this year. Now, courtesy of Rising Star Games, the EU can also look forward to another addition to the Wii’s slowly growing collection of RPGs, Baroque.

If you’re in the US or Japan and right now you’re thinking “I’ve already seen that, haven’t I?” then yes, you have. The game was released on the 8th of April in the US and has been out in Japan since, well this version came out in late December 2007 but the original PlayStation game has been knocking about since 1998.

Baroque, a self-proclaimed “dungeon crawling hardcore RPG” is coming to both the Wii and PlayStation 2. It’s still slightly warming to see that rigor mortis has not completely set into Sony’s older console.

The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, ravaged and broken by a great cataclysm that has left mankind on its knees. You must embark on an epic quest and search for answers among the ruins of civilization. If this isn’t sounding overly original to you then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Though the setting may be a been-there, done-that situation that’s not to say the game has nothing to offer, quite the opposite. One thing that has me intrigued is that the developers are claiming that death in the game doesn’t necessarily equal game over, but merely another turn in the story. By using death as a tool to drive the game forward Rising Star have flouted one of the longest standing gaming conventions, and why not?

In typical RPG style the game also offers a deep customization system. You can shape your character to suit your style of play by equipping numerous weapons, items, and power-ups (or parasites as they’re being called).

As an RPG fan who’s Wii has been gathering dust these past few weeks, this game certainly has me intrigued. Expect to find Baroque on shelves Friday, June 27th on both Wii and PlayStation 2.