BOOM BLOX dated at Nintendo Media Summit

There’s been a lot of talk over BOOM BLOX, mostly because it’s also known as Steven Spielberg’s first foray into the realm of videogames, but finally, amidst all the conversation and hype that comes with attaching the Spielberg name to anything, we can mark our calendars and look forward to when we’ll actually be able to play this wacky looking game.

Spielberg, a self-proclaimed gamer, has said the idea behind BOOM BLOX was to create a game that he could play with his kids. And play he shall – with over 300 levels in themed environments, cooperative play, characters ranging from baseball-throwing monkeys to block-laying chickens, and the possibility to remix pre-existing stages and share them with friends, BOOM BLOX looks to offer plenty to the Wii-owning puzzle maniac.

As announced at Nintendo Media Summit, BOOM BLOX will be available at retail on May 6th in North America, followed by a May 9th release in Europe.

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