PS Store’s new look arriving in Europe early next week, comes bearing gifts

The revamped PLAYSTATION Store will be unleashed on the European masses early next week, on April 15, bringing with it improved navigation, more functionality and “a whole raft of new content.” The announcement press release explains that the re-worked Store is Sony’s response to a survey it conducted last year which showed that users wanted easier navigation and a better interface. Sony plans to deliver on both as the new Store launches next week.

The “whole raft of new content” we’ll be seeing includes the launch of the Metal Gear Online open beta that will become available starting next Thursday, April 17. Also coming next Thursday is Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror, the latest expansion pack to Warhawk.

And then there’s the good news for Lair, the game that was handicapped by the forced on motion controls of the SIXAXIS. The game will be getting the long-hoped, long-rumored free update that will add the option of using analog controls. Called Diabolical Dragons Pack and Skyguard Upgrade Pack, the downloads will bring with them other “exciting features and functions” as well.

A bunch of new trailers, including the latest for GTA IV, plus a demo for SEGA Superstars Tennis will also be available.

And finally, Sony reminds that the revamped Store will not affect PLAYSTATION Network accounts or the virtual wallet system.

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