The Trogdor comes in the WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

You know, being able to claim the title of “Funniest System on the Market” isn’t really something most game companies strive for but as of right now the Wii is dominating. Not only is it getting Sam & Max Season 1 but now a Strong Bad game is coming out via WiiWare. That’s a one, two punch of comedy that’s going to leave you rolling on the floor in hilarity. I never thought of a system’s comedic value as a selling point, but here we are.

The game, titled Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP), will be released in five monthly episodes and is being developed by Telltale Games. These are the same guys that do Sam & Max so they know what they’re doing. It is also a great sign that episodic gaming will be a feature on WiiWare. The first episode will be released in June and will be a point and click adventure style game. No price has been set for the chapters but eventually a collection of all five will be released for the PC.

If you’ve never heard of Strong Bad or Home Star Runner or any of the rest of the gang then you’ve probably just discovered the Internet. Welcome, it’s nice to have you here. Thanks for checking out That VideoGame Blog first. Might I suggest your second stop be here. Then head hit the break to watch the rest of the trailers for the game because while they don’t show much gameplay they are some of the funniest advertisements I have ever seen. Now, I have just realized I have about a years worth of Strong Bad emails to catch up on and I also have to start praying for a Trogdor appearance, so I have a busy day ahead of me and must be going. Enjoy the internet. Try not to get Rick Rolled.