Hitman developers found new studio

The founders of IO Interactive, an Eidos-owned studio responsible for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and the Hitman series have announced they are to further development through the formation of a new studio. With studio closures and acquisitions looming large the rest of the industry has been consolidating of late, so it’s encouraging to see some expansion.

The new studio, named Reto-Moto, is to focus on the development of online multiplayer titles. As of yet, no new products have surfaced, although their website does have a delightful version of pong to play.

David Guldbrandsen of Reto-Moto commented, “We’ve seen the interactive online market develop significantly in the last five years. Fresh from the global success of Hitman we think our new company Reto-Moto is well placed to capture commercial and creative advantage.”

With their solid portfolio this is one studio that has the potential to produce a lot of quality games and will be one we watch with a close eye.