Industry heavyweights on casual gaming

Interested in what some of the industry’s most influential people have to say about casual gaming? If so, then you shouldn’t miss the latest episode of a new Internet video show called Players Only, created by Digital Trends. The installment covering casual gaming is the second of a 10-part series covering a number of issues inside the gaming industry.

If you’re not interested in casual gaming don’t turn away quite yet, this episode also talks about things like mobile gaming, online communities and how gaming can bring people closer together. At 9 minutes long it’s a bit longer then what we’re accustomed to watching on YouTube, but with people such as Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, and Sid Meier, co-founder of Firaxis weighing in, it’ll be worth your time.

The first episode in the series, The Art of Video Games, covers the question of whether video games are art as well as the recently dramatic “where the industry is headed” topic. It also includes industry heavyweights with the likes of Mike Capps, President of Epic Games, and Dennis Dyack, founder of Too Human developer Silicon Knights.